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This marks my very first post in 2013. Being a huge huge Alice in Wonderland fan, I have alway dream of doing my own version of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland with my very own BJD crew. I have finally fulfill my dream and completed my first BJD storyboard project haha. Here's to share with everyone, Jo's very own version of Alice in Wonderland.

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nd please pardon me if there's any imperfection cause this is  really a one-man effort I wanted to do ^^ Last of all, I hope everyone who sees this will enjoy this as much as I did and I ended off my project with a Omake just for laughs.

070412 : A Girls Meet At Last

Attended the girls' meet hosted by Cindy yesterday on Good Friday. Totally enjoy myself torturing the bookshelf there with my girls. All the doll attendees are super pretty ^__^

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 Reason why I am about ready to rip the magazine rack home with me yesterday ^___^  

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220811 : SD13/17 items for sale

Spend the weekend, packing, sorting and shooting items that my crew no longer fit or need. Offloading at low prices, please email me ; yagamijo@hotmail.com or reply here if keen.

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Prices quoted are all non-negotiable and final. For serious buyer please. Layaway is possible for S$200 purchase but only for 2 months max please.

200811 : YoSD stuff for sale

Offloading some items I have for the yosd that I will not be needing anymore. Please email me : yagamijo@hotmail.com or reply here if interested

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 All items listed are either brand new or only worn once or twice. I take very good care of my doll's items. Please understand that all price quoted are non-negotiable and final. Serious buyer please. Payment immediate upon confirmation. Layaway is possible for purchases over S$200.
I took some shots as a prolouge to the story of my boys. This is actually a little update on the background of the underlying rivalry between Katsuo and Toshi.

Being friends since school days, Katsuo and Toshi have alway been friends. Upon graduation, Katsuo went on take on part-time modelling to support his onwards study of photography. Katsuo met another really young part-time kid at the agency who's there to support himself for studies as well, Kyouhei. Both left really deep inpression on each other while working together. Being the flirt that he is, Katsuo made his move on Kyou but failed as Kyou is really still very young and wouldn't consider anything beyond studies then.
However after sometime working together and without much progress on the situation with Kyou, Katsuo moved on to fully concentrate on photography and quit his part-time modelling. Katsuo left the country soon after to travel around to broaden his life experience. Hence, Kyou and Katsuo lose contact with each other.

Years after, Katsuo is back home in the agency and am working as the full-time exclusive photographer in Usui's model agency. There he met Kyou again after many years. They still deeply appreciate each other's company and often enjoy each other's company as friends. Katsuo got to meet Toshi as well after these years and found that Kyouhei is now with Toshi. However, Toshi has alway been aware of Katsuo's previous advances on Kyou since Kyouhei has alway been frank about his life with Toshi and it really doesn't sit well with him. The rivalry Katsuo and Toshi hence started from there...

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Will have more updates on the onwards continuation soon.

I have a incoming soon and have no choice but to rehome a Hyul Final head I won from HKDP6. I am hoping if there's any friends within my flist that would be keen to provide a home for this wonderful girl. I would be cool to do a straight trade of the head with a SD13 boy body in good condition (without yellowing preferably) Let me know if anyone is keen. Picture of the head is below for reference.

It has never occur to me that I would someday get IT gadgets for my boys >...< but I did .... in the end thanks to Joey. I received Toshi's white Airbook on TDA and immediately gave it to him for his immediate attention since he's a closet workaholic.

Resulting a number of enquires on the airbook that day, the gadget actually got the most attention haha.

But anyway, I manage to order some from the supplier and have some stocks left available which I will be picking up from HongKong come July. Will be arranging for collection meet after my trip likely to be on 23 or 24 Jul. No upfront payment required for the orders but please note that no cancellation will be entertained upon confirmation. Thank you

Stocks available

1 Silver Mac Airbook (S$20)

Please click on link for the pictures of the gadget

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100611 : Memories' Play House TDA 2011

Sei, wearing the head dresses from Memories' Play House

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Thank you to those who drop by Memories' Play House at TDA 2011. Thank you ^___^


260910: Incoming

I have submitted to my own dark wish. Incoming resin crew. Will update accordingly when it arrives. WOES to me >...<


I really hate myself for lusting after dolls >...<!!!

And to make things worst, its not exactly a cheap doll and also one of a size which I am not even sure if I would be keeping.........

WOES.............. Am chanting and convincing myself


130810 : My little alice back ^^

Just got my baby Narsha back from repaint XD She look so different from the default. She is super impish and expressive now. I just love the way she seems to interact with my cammy. Hopefully she is ok with the way I style her now.

Please pardon the really ugly background (its my bed >...<) I just cannot help myself from taking couple of shots of this girl when she came home ^^